The purpose of Workshop #2 is to seek feedback on ideas for the Foothill Drive corridor. The project team and Steering Committee have developed a set of potential Foothill Street Elements and six Foothill Drive Corridor Alternative Scenarios.

  • First, we'll provide an overview of the project and review the goals that guide the project.

  • Then, we will present the Street Elements that are being considered for the Foothill corridor.

  • We will then explore the Alternative Scenarios. 

Project Overview. New to the project or need a refresher? Click the image below to learn more.

Review our Goals. The Foothill Corridor Goals are a diverse set of principles guiding the project. Keep them in mind as you look at the ideas for the corridor. Click the image below to learn more.

Look at the Foothill Street Elements. These are potential street elements like roadway lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes, and transit service that we are considering for Foothill Drive. Click the image below to learn more.

Explore the Scenarios. We have generated six different corridor scenarios that seek to achieve the project goals by combining the Street Elements in different ways. Click through the thumbnails below to get an overview of the six scenarios and more details about each one. The arrows on the sides will help you scroll through the scenarios.


Tell us what you think. If you'd like to leave us feedback, click here, or send us an email at


Stay Involved. This is the second of three public meetings planned for this project. Our next public meeting will be held February 2nd from 5-7pm; click here for more information. Keep tabs on the project via the website, which includes: project information, the latest materials, project news, and contact information. The website will also include opportunities to review the same materials and provide the same input as is offered in the public meetings. The project website also includes a place for you to sign up to receive email updates about the Foothill Drive Implementation Strategy, click here to sign up.