Thank you for visiting the Foothill Drive Implementation Strategy Online Workshop #3.

The purpose of Workshop #3 is to present and gather feedback on the Draft Preferred Scenario for the Foothill Drive corridor.

  • First, we will provide a brief project overview.

  • Then, we will present the process we’ve been through to develop the Draft Preferred Scenario.

  • We will then explore the Draft Preferred Scenario

Project Overview. New to the project or need a quick refresher? Click here to learn more.

Project Process. The Foothill Drive Implementation Strategy followed a careful process directed by the set of corridor goals developed by our Steering Committee, and with input from the public. Click here to view the steps we went through to arrive at our Draft Preferred Corridor Scenario. 

Draft Preferred Scenario. Our Draft Preferred Corridor Scenario was developed through the input of the partner agencies, community groups, and the public. It includes corridor themes – three broad ideas that drive the Draft Preferred Scenario – as well as the roadway, active transportation, transit, intersection, and other concepts that comprise the Draft Preferred Scenario. Click here to learn more about the Draft Preferred Scenario.



Tell us what you think. If you'd like to leave us feedback on the Draft Preferred Scenario, fill out the comment form below, or send us an email at

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Thanks for your involvement. This is the third and final workshop for this project and we appreciate your input as part of this project. Stay tuned for next steps.